Grey County Census and Cemetery Transcriptions

Every effort has been made to provide accurate information. Bruce & Grey Branch OGS cannot be held responsible for spelling of names or dates noted. Branch members transcribed and proofread census and cemetery data. We hope that we may have assisted you in some small way with your genealogical pursuits.

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Artemesia Township, Grey County, Ontario Canada

1861 Census Artemesia Township Abandoned Old Eugenia Cemetery
1871 Census Artemesia Township Ebenezer Cemetery



Evergreen Cemetery

1901 Census Artemesia Township Flesherton Cemetery
1901 Census Markdale Village, Artemesia Township Irwin’s Methodist Cemetery
  Markdale Cemetery
  Martin / Halstead Cemetery
  McNeil Cemetery
  Mount Zion Cemetery
  Old Vandeleur Cemetery
  Orange Valley Presbyterian Cemetery
  Priceville Old Village Cemetery
  Rock Hill Cemetery (Merrill’s Methodist)
  Salem Cemetery
  Vandeleur Pioneer Cemetery

Bentinck Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

1861 Census Bentinck Township Durham Cemetery
1871 Census Bentinck Township Durham Old Presbyterian Cemetery
1901 Census Bentinck Township Elmwood United Church Cemetery
1901 Census Durham Town Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
  Hanover Cemetery
  Hanover Cemetery New Section
  Hanover Crispin Cemetery
   Hasenjager’s Cemetery
  Hutton Hill Cemetery
  Lamlash Cemetery
  Rocky Saugeen Cemetery
   Rody’s Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
  St George Cemetery
  St. John’s Lutheran Cemetery
  St. Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery
  St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery
  West Bentinck Presbyterian Cemetery


Collingwood Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

1861 Census Collingwood Township Abandoned Cemetery Lot 18, Concession 4 Collingwood Township
1871 Census Collingwood Township Banks United Church Cemetery
1901 Census Collingwood Township Carmel Methodist Cemetery
1901 Census Thornbury Town Heathcote Presbyterian Cemetery
  Heathcote Quaker Cemetery
  Knox Presbyterian Cemetery
  Primitive Methodist Church Cemetery
  Ravenna Memorial Park Cemetery
  St. Francis Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Thornbury-Clarksburg Union Cemetery
  Victoria Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery
  White’s Methodist Church Cemetery

Derby Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

1861 Census Derby Township Fleming Family Cemetery
1871 Census Derby Township Hamilton Cemetery
1901 Census Derby Township Jackman Cemetery
  St. James Cemetery

Egremont Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

1861 Census Egremont Township Amos Presbyterian Cemetery
1871 Census Egremont Township Cedarview Old Order Mennonite Cemetery
1901 Census Egremont Township Cochrane Cemetery
  Hiltz Methodist Cemetery
  Holstein Cemetery (Reid’s Cemetery)
  Holy Cross Cemetery
  Johnston’s Cemetery
  Mount Forest Cemetery
  Mount Forest Old Methodist Cemetery
  Mount Gilead Methodist Cemetery
  Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery
  Riverdale Old Order Mennonite Cemetery
  Robertson’s Cemetery
  Springfield Old Methodist Cemetery
  Wilder’s Cemetery
  Woodland Cemetery

Euphrasia Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

1861 Census Euphrasia Township Bell Family Plot
1871 Census Euphrasia Township Ebenezer United Cemetery
1901 Census Euphrasia Township Heathcote Cemeteries
  Mount Zion Cemetery
  New England Methodist Cemetery
  St. James Anglican Cemetery – Fairmount
  Temple Hill Cemetery

Glenelg Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

1861 Census Glenelg Township Banks Roman Catholic Cemetery
1871 Census Glenelg Township Bethel Cemetery
1901 Census Glenelg Township Brown Family Cemetery
Map of Former Glenelg Township Butter’s Cemetery
  Durham Cemetery
  Durham Holy Trinity Anglican Cemetery
  Ebenezer Cemetery
  Greenwood Family Cemetery
  Latona Cemetery
  Lawrence Family Cemetery
  McKechnie Cemetery
  Negro Cemetery
  Smellie’s Pioneer Cemetery
  St. Johns Roman Catholic Cemetery
  St. Peters Roman Catholic Cemetery
  St. Pauls Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Zion Cemetery

Holland Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

1861 Census Holland Township Berkeley Community Cemetery
1871 Census Holland Township Blatchford Cemetery
1901 Census Holland Township Chatsworth United Cemetery
  Cooke’s Presbyterian Cemetery
  Harkaway United Cemetery
  Hillhide Cemetery
  Knox Presbyterian Cemetery
  Mennonite Brethren In Christ Cemetery
  Moggie Baptist Cemetery
  Mount Pleasant Cemetery
   Mount Zion Methodist Cemetery
  Pleasant Valley Cemetery
  Shiloh Cemetery
  St. James Lutheran Cemetery
  St. Lukes Anglican Cemetery
  St. Marks Anglican Cemetery
  St. Mathias Anglican Cemetery
  St. Paul’s Anglican Cemetery
  St. Philips Anglican Cemetery
  St. Stanislaus Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Walters Falls United Cemetery

Keppel Sarawak &  Brooke Township, Grey County, Ontario, Canada

1861 Census Keppel, Sarawak & Brooke Township Abandoned Cemetery, Keppel
1871 Census Keppel Bayview Cemetery
1871 Census Sarawak
Big Bay Cemetery
1901 Census Keppel Township Boyd Cemetery
1901 Census Sarawak Township Henderson Cemetery (Abandoned)
  Indian Princess (Single Grave)
  Mount Pleasant Cemetery
Mount Zion Cemetery
Oxenden Cemetery, Keppel

Normanby Township, Grey County, Canada

1861 Census Normanby Township Alsfeldt Evangelical United Brethren Cemetery
1871 Census Normanby Township
Ayton Union Cemetery
1901 Census Normanby Township Calderwood Mount Pleasant Cemetery
  Chilton Pfeffer Cemetery
  Evangelical United Cemetery
  Hampden Cemetery
  Knox Presbyterian Church Cemetery
  Lauderbach St. James Lutheran Cemetery
  Maplewood Cemetery
  Negro Cemetery
  Orchardville Roman Catholic Cemetery,
  Pioneer – Holmes Cemetery
  Pioneer Cemetery
  St. Pauls Evangelical Lutheran, Neustadt
  St. Paul’s Evangelical Lutheran, Normanby Township
  St. Peter’s Lutheran Cemetery
  St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Trinity Lutheran Cemetery – New
  Trinity Lutheran Cemetery – Old

Osprey Township, Grey County, Canada

1861 Census Osprey Township Badjeros Southline Union Cemetery
1871 Census Osprey Township Bethel Cemetery
1901 Census Osprey Township Buckingham Cemetery
  Ebenezer Gospel Cemetery
  Feversham Burns Presbyterian Cemetery
  Feversham Old Methodist Cemetery
  Gamey & Phillips, Old Pioneer W of Maxwell
  Hatherton Cemetery
  Maple Valley Cemetery
  Maxwell Old Presbyterian Cemetery
  Maxwell St Marys Anglican Cemetery
  Maxwell Union Cemetery
  McIntyre Old Pioneer Presbyterian Cemetery
  McIntyre United Cemetery
  Osprey Independant Old Order Mennonite
  Providence Cemetery
  Rob Roy Cemetery
  Wareham Old Order Mennonite
  Wareham Pioneer Cemetery

Owen Sound Town

1861 Owen Sound Census  First Methodist Church Weddings 1896-1905 1911-1920
1871 Owen Sound Census Greenwood Cemetery 1951 Map East Side
1901 Census Owen Sound Greenwood Cemetery 2013 map
Owen Sound Street Map Greenwood Interments from Lots G-BLE and Lots G-BLF

Recommending Street Names

Owen Sound Street Numbers and Standardized Address Number, Introduced 1909, Grey Roots


Greenwood Mausoleum
  Greenwood Memorial Gardens
  Greenwood North East Extension
  Greenwood Northern Extension I
  Greenwood Northern Extension II
  Greenwood South Section
  Greenwood Southern Extension
  Greenwood Vault Range
  Greenwood Western Extension
  Greenwood Cemetery Sign



St. Georges Church Records 1849-1857

  St. Marys Roman Catholic Cemetery

Proton Township

1861 Census Proton Township  Abandoned Cemetery
1871 Census Proton Township  Bethel Cemetery
1901 Census Dundalk Village Proton Township  Dundalk Cemetery
1901 Census Proton Township Esplin Cemetery
  Inistioge Cemetery
  Latter Day Saints Cemetery
  Marriage Records
  Salem Cemetery
  St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Cemetery
  Swinton Park Cemetery
  Ventry Cemetery
  Walker’s Cemetery

St. Vincent Township

1861 Census St. Vincent Township Bethesda Cemetery
1871 Census St. Vincent Township Boyle Family Cemetery
1901 Census St. Vincent Township Duxbury Cemetery
 1901 Census Meaford Town Grey County Ellis Family Plot
  Harris Cemetery
  Hurlburt’s Cemetery
  Lakeview Cemetery
  McCausland Family Plot Cemetery
  Meaford Tank Range Cemetery #1
  Meaford Tank Range Cemetery #2
  Meaford Tank Range Cemetery #3
  Meaford Tank Range Cemetery #4
  Meaford Tank Range Cemetery #5
  Potter’s Farm Cemetery
  Storey’s Cemetery
  Taylor Family Cemetery
  Ward’s Roman Catholic Cemetery


Sullivan Township

1861 Census Sullivan Township Cedardale Cemetery
1871 Census Sullivan Township Desboro Cemetery
1901 Census Sullivan Township East Sullivan Baptist Church Cemetery (Golden Cemetery)
  Faith Evangelical Lutheran Cemetery
  Grace Anglican Cemetery
  Hemstock’s Cemetery
  Keward Cemetery
  Mennonite Cemetery
  Pritchard Cemetery
  St. John’s Anglican Cemetery
  St. Peter’s Lutheran Church Cemetery

Sydenham Township 

1861 Census Sydenham Township Grey County

Annan Cemetery
1871 Census Sydenham Township  Bannan Cemetery
1901 Census Sydenham Township Curran Cemetery
  Daywood Cemetery
  Hatton Cemetery
  Johnston’s Cemetery
  Leith Cemetery
  McLean’s Cemetery
  Meaford Tank Range Cemetery #5
  Menary’s Cemetery
  Other Cemeteries
  Quaker Cemetery
  St. Matthews Cemetery
  St. Michael’s Cemetery
   Tenth Line Cemetery
  Vanwyck Cemetery