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Social ConvenerRuth A. Robinson

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BGOGS Projects and Publications

The Bruce and Grey Branch of OGS has an extensive collection of genealogical publications. These publications range from Family Histories with Bruce or Grey references, to Cemetery Listings, to Research Guides and How-to Books, to a Newspaper BMD Surname Collection. This genealogical collection is housed at the North Grey & Union Public Library located at 824 1st Avenue West in Owen Sound, Ontario.

The Bruce & Grey Branch OGS has undertaken many projects over the years since its founding.

One of the most ambitious projects is the SURNAME COLLECTION. It is a large collection of clippings from area newspapers, but mostly the Owen Sound Sun Times, of obituaries, birthdays, anniversaries and biographies, arranged alphabetically by family name. This collection encompasses roughly 1920 until 1970. It is available on microfiche and can be purchased from BGOGS.

If you would like a BGOGS Publication List in a PDF format please contact us at

It was the mandate of BGOGS to transcribe and record information from every cemetery in both Bruce and Grey Counties. This was a huge project and took several years to complete. During recent years, these Cemeteries Listings are being updated to provide researchers with up-to-date information. These listings are available for purchase.

Indexing of census records and extracts of Births Marriages and Deaths from various newspapers in Bruce and Grey Counties are continuing to be done by many different volunteers.

Over the years, BGOGS has been instrumental in producing many varied genealogical publications. For more information see BGOGS Publications for Sale.

CountyPublication TitleNo. of PagesPricePostageTotal 
Bruce & GreyThe Township CD’s are sold by individual Townships. When placing your order please specify which Township CD you wish to order. We do not sell County CD’s containing all the Townships listed below. Each CD contains: 1861, 1871, 1901 Census’ & all our Cemetery transcriptions for the individual Township.Township CD’s for:Bruce County: Arran Township $25.00 + $5.00, Amabel Township $25.00 + $5.00, Brant Township $25.00 + $5.00, Bruce Township $25.00 + $5.00, Bruce Penninsula Townships(Albermarle.St. Edmunds, Lindsay, Eastnor), $25.00 + $5.00, Carrick Township $25.00 + 5.00, Culross Township $25.00 + $5.00, Elderslie Township $25.00 + $5.00, Greenock Township $25.00 + $5.00, Huron Township $25.00 + $5.00, Kincardine Township $25.00 + $5.00,, Kinloss Township $25.00 + $5.00: CD’s for Grey County: Artemesia Township$25.00 + $5.00, Bentinck Township $25.00 + $5.00, Collingwood Township $25.00 + $5.00, Derby Township $25.00 + $5.00, Egremont Township $25.00, Euphrasia Township $25.00 + $5.00, Glenelg Township $25.00 + $5.00, Holland Township $25.00 + $5.00, Kepple-Sarawak Townships $25.00 + $5.00, Normanby Township $25.00+$5.00,Osprey Township $25.00 + $5.00, Proton Township $25.00 + $5.00, St. Vincent Township $25.00 + $5.00, Sullivan Township $25.00 + 5.00, Sydenham Township $25.00 + $5.00. 25.00 for each Township CD5.00 for each CD7.00 for U.S. orders  
Bruce & GreySurname Collection Volume 2 on 6 CD’s 50.0012.00  
Bruce & GreySurname Collection on Microfiche if available. Please check to see if your name is available before ordering. Photo-copies 50 cents a page.330 fiche5.00each fiche1.50  
Bruce & Grey25th Anniversary Cook Book625.004.00  
Bruce & GreyNames Being Researched & Members Interests 1990-19948013.005.00  
Bruce & GreyBGOGS Newsletter Notes & Surname Index 1971-1975405.002.50  
Bruce & GreyBGOGS Newsletter Notes & Surname Index 1976-19787412.005.00  
Bruce & GreyBGOGS Newsletter Notes & Surname Index 1979-19818312.005.00  
Bruce & GreyBGOGS Newsletter Notes & Surname Index 1982-19847812.005.00  
Bruce & GreyBGOGS Newsletter Notes & Surname Index 1985-19877412.005.00  
Bruce & GreyBGOGS Newsletter Notes & Surname Index 1988-19909415.005.00  
Bruce & GreyDetailed Cemetery Listings for both Counties available upon request. Write to address below or if you know the cemetery you want request the price through email.     
Grey Owen SoundIndex For Owen Sound Greenwood Cemeteries Photo-copies can be purchased for $1.00 per nameFull Index20.005.00  
Grey1861 Census of Artemesia Township8520.005.00  
Grey1861 Census of Bentinck Township10720.005.00  
Grey1861 Census of Derby Township4015.003.00  
Grey1861 Census of Egremont Township9520.005.00  
Grey1861 Census of Euphrasia Township4915.003.00  
Grey1861 Census of Glenelg Township10020.005.00  
Grey1861 Census of Holland Township7515.003.00  
Grey1861 Census of Keppel, Sarawak & Brooke197.002.00  
Grey1861 Census of Melancthon Township4315.003.00  
Grey1861 Census of Normanby Township12720.005.00  
Grey1861 Census of Osprey Township7715.003.00  
Grey1861 Census of Owen Sound7215.003.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Albemarle, Amabel & Arran9120.005.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Brant Township10020.005.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Bruce Township7315.003.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Carrick Township 20.005.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Elderslie Township5815.003.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Saugeen Twp & Southampton6915.003.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Huron Township7815.003.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Kincardine Village3210.002.50  
Bruce1861 Census of Kincardine Township9320.005.00  
Bruce1861 Census of Kinloss Township6015.003.00  
Bruce & Grey1871 Census for some Townships in both Counties available upon request. Write to address below or request price through email.     
 Detailed 1901 Census Records for Grey County listed below.Contain address, names, sex, date of birth, country/province of birth, date of immigration, racial or tribal origin, nationality, religion, profession and marital status.     
GreyIndex to the 1901 Census’ of Grey County by Townships (Names only)10620.005.00  
1901 CensusMelancthon (Dufferin) Grey until 188112320.005.00  
GreyThornbury Town288.002.50  
GreyBentinck Township11320.005.00  
GreyArtemesia Township12820.005.00  
GreyCollingwood Township10820.005.00  
GreyDundalk Village258.002.50  
GreyDerby Township6815.003.00  
GreyDurham Town4915.003.00  
GreyEgremont Township11520.005.00  
GreyEuphrasia Township10720.005.00  
GreyGlenelg Township9020.005.00  
GreyHanover Village(Sub-div. 8 & 9 of Bentinck Twp.)4815.003.00  
GreyHolland Township11820.005.00  
GreyKeppel Township13520.005.00  
GreyMarkdale Village328.002.50  
GreyMeaford Village6515.003.00  
GreyNormanby Township14720.005.00  
GreyOsprey Township9820.005.00  
GreyOwen Sound28735.007.00  
GreyProton Township10720.005.00  
GreySarawak Township4415.003.00  
GreyShelburne Village4115.003.00  
GreySt. Vincent Township10120.005.00  
GreySullivan Township12020.005.00  
GreySydenham Township11320.005.00  
Bruce1871 Census Bruce County (heads of household and strays)10315.005.00  
BruceDetailed 1901 Census of Bruce County     
BruceIndex to the 1901 Census of Bruce County by Townships(names only).10320.005.00  
BruceAlbemarle Township7515.003.00  
BruceAmebel Township & Saugeen Indian Reserve11720.005.00  
BruceBrant Township14420.005.00  
BruceBruce Township10520.005.00  
BruceCarrick Township16220.005.00  
BruceCulross Township & Teeswater Village13120.005.00  
BruceEastnor Township6515.003.00  
BruceElderslie Township17625.005.00  
BruceGreenock Township10420.005.00  
BruceHuron Township11920.005.00  
BruceKincardine Township & Tiverton Village 20.005.00  
BruceKincardine Town6915.003.00  
BruceKinloss Township11720.005.00  
BruceSaugeen Twp, Port Elgin & Southampton15120.005.00  
BruceSt. Edmunds & Lindsay Townships5015.003.00  
BruceWiarton Town8120.005.00  
BruceWalkerton Town9820.005.00  
BruceCounty of Bruce Directory 18675010.002.50  
BruceBruce County Deaths pre 1869-1879 (extracted from Ontario Vital Statistics)9020.005.00  
BruceBruce County Births pre 1869-1874 (extracted from Ontario Vital Statistics)12120.005.00  
BruceBruce County Marriages 1873-1879 (extracted from Ontario Vital Statistics)13220.005.00  
BruceTrinity Anglican Church (Wiarton) Burials 1885-1911 & 1912-1948, Confirmation, 1885-1910 & 1912-1950, Baptisms1878-1910, Marriages 1879-19109815.003.00  
BruceWesleyan Methodist Baptismal Register Index for Bruce County15720.005.00  
BruceSt. Lukes Church Records, Lurgan, Huron Twp226.002.50  
 Extract’s of Births, Marriages and Deaths from Various Bruce County Newspapers.     
BruceWiarton Newspapers – 1879-1948 on CD 50.005.00  
BruceWiarton Echo 1879-1900 #115220.005.00  
BruceWiarton Echo 1901-1905 #210820.005.00  
BruceWiarton Echo 1906-1910 #311120.005.00  
BruceWiarton Echo 1911-1915 #418725.005.00  
BruceWiarton Echo 1916-1920 #522530.005.00  
BruceWiarton Echo 1921-1923 #614720.005.00  
BruceWiarton Echo 1924-1926 #713120.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1927 – 1928 #811920.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1930-1932 #914920.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1933-1934 #1014520.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1935-1936 #1111620.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1937-1938 #1213520.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1939-1940 # 13 20.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1941 #1410020.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1942 #15 20.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1943 #169420.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1944 # 17 20.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1945 # 18 20.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1946 # 19 20.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1947 # 20 20.005.00      
BruceWiarton Echo 1948 # 21 20.005.00      
BruceThe Chesley B. M. D ‘s 1887-18999620.005.00      
BruceThe Chesley B. M. D ‘s 1900-190510520.005.00      
BruceThe Chesley B. M. D ‘s 1906-191010020.005.00      
BruceThe Chesley B. M. D ‘s 1911 – 191510520.005.00      
Grey1871 Census Grey County (heads of household and strays)13318.506.00      
GreyAppendices to Directory of Grey County 18655010.002.50      
GreyGrey County Births 1869-1874 (extracted from Ontario Vital Statistics)14620.005.00      
GreyGrey County Deaths 1869-1879 (extracted from Ontario Vital Statistics)10720.005.00      
GreyGrey County Marriages 1873-1879 (extracted from Ontario Vital Statistics)14320.005.00      
GreyGrey County Marriages 1885-1889 (extracted from Ontario Vital Statistics)13420.005.00      
GreyGrey County Births 1880-1884 (extracted from Ontario Vital Statistics)21520.005.00      
GreyMarriage Records of Rev. John Morrison 1866-1903, Esplin & Cedarville, Proton Twp1410.002.50      
GreyCentral United Church (Owen Sound) Marriage Register 15.003.00      
GreyCentral United Church Registers (above) Indexes, each 2.001.00      
GreyCentral United Church Registers (above) single pages, each 1.001.00      
GreySt. George’s Anglican Church(Owen Sound)Baptisms 1849-62, Marriages 1849-57, Burials 1849-535510.003.00      
GreyKeppel Township Deaths 1903-1908 & 1918-1929 plus Burial Permits 1912 to 19448412.003.00      
GreyWesleyan Baptismal Register Index for Grey County25030.007.00      
 Extracts of Birth’s Marriages & Deaths from Various Grey County Newspapers.         
GreyMeaford & Collingwood Newspapers Vol. 1, 1869-190014617.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Papers Vol 2, 1901-191010715.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Papers Vol 3, 1911-19206412.005.00      
GreyCollingwod Saturday News Vol 1 1906-19136312.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Saturday News Vol 2 1915-1930 (has Meaford Express Jan-Mar 1900 included)12420.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Messenger B. M. D.’s 1882-189210020.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Messenger B. M. D.’s 1895-18976112.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Messenger B. M. D.’s 1898-19006312.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Messenger B. M. D.’s 1901-19036012.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Messenger B. M. D.’s 1904-19066412.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Bulletin B. M. D.’s 1999287.002.50      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Bulletin B. M. D.’s 20004510.003.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Bulletin B. M. D.’s 20014910.003.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Bulletin B. M. D.’s 2002317.002,50      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Bulletin B. M. D.’s 20034010.003.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Bulletin B. M. D.’s 20043910.003.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Bulletin B. M. D.’s 20053612.003.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise Bulletin B. M. D’s miscellaneous217.002.50      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise 1907- 19094810.003.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise 1910- 19135312.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise 1914- 19175712.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Enterprise 1918- 19215012.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Bulletin 1922- 19246612.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Bulletin 1925-19277512.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Bulletin 1928-19307612.005.00      
GreyCollingwood Bulletin 1931-Jun.30,19326412.005.00      
GreyThornbury Review Herald, Oct 1918 – Dec 19379315.005.00      
GreyThornbury Review Herald, Jan. 1938-Dec. 194510620.005.00      
GreyThornbury Review Herald, Jan. 1946-Dec. 19528412.005.00      
GreyThornbury Review Herald, Jan. 1953-Dec.19608212.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Newspapers 1851-1902 on CD. Not all Years are complete. 35.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser 1866-68, Apr.-Dec 1869307.002.50      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser 1870-1872287.002.50      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser 1873-18765410.003.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times 1871-1873307.002.50      
GreyOwen Sound Times May 1877 – June 18799615.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser Jan. 6, 1881-Dec.28,1882407.002.50      
GreyOwen Sound Sun Jan. 7, 1902-June 27, 1902165.002.50      
GreyOwen Sound Times Sept.3, 1908-Jan. 7, 1909165.002.50      
GreyHanover Post Jul 1897 – Dec 18985912.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Comet- June 25, 1851-Mar.1,1854 Mar. 19, 1858-Dec. 16, 1864397.002.50      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser- Jan. 4, 1883-Dec. 29, 18878315.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times-(Nov. 1-Dec.27, 1883) (Feb.5-Dec.31, 1885) (Dec. 9, 1886-Feb. 10, 1887)205.002.50      
GreyOwen Sound Times-Oct. 11, 1888-Oct. 30, 1890317.002.50      
GreyOwen Sound Times Jan. 15, – Dec. 31, 18915815.003.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times-(Feb.18, 1892-Jul.14, 1892) Jan.5,1893-Dec.13, 1894)9315.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times 1895-18968815.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times (Jan. 7-Dec. 30, 1897)(Dec.2,-Dec31,1898) The Sun-(May 28-Dec.14, 1897)7715.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser Jan. 2,1891-Dec.30,18929920.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser Jan.1,1895-Nov.6,18969415.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser – Nov. 6, 1896 – Dec. 27, 189811120.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times(Jan-Dec.,1899)(Mar.8-Nov.15,1900) The Sun(Feb.6-Apr. 27,19005615.003.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser Jan. 2, 1899 -Dec. 28,190012320.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser 1901-190220330.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser 1903-190423730.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times 19028815.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times 190310020.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Sun 190310220.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times 190412425.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Times 190511420.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Sun 1904 & 190519525.005.00      
GreyOwen Sound Advertiser 190616620.005.00      
GreyChatsworth News- June 24, 1915 – Aug. 5th, 1920 Births, Marriages, Deaths & Departures15620.005.00      

TO ORDER: please print out this page and mail it, along with cheque, to : Bruce & Grey Branch OGS, Box 66, Owen Sound, ON. Canada N4K 5P1. U.S. Customers please remit in U.S funds. Don’t forget U. S. customers please enclose $7.00 postage for each CD ordered.

Publications cannot be ordered over email.

Please allow at least a month to receive your order.


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BGOGS Meetings

The Bruce and Grey Branch of OGS holds monthly meetings in a different area throughout the counties each month except December. Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings. In fact, visitors are encouraged to come and tell us who they are searching for. Few leave a meeting without some advice as to whom or where to go for more information on their family tree.

Each fall, a special all-day event is held with noted speakers of expertise in the genealogical field. This event gives all attending genealogists a chance to learn more useful information on genealogical research and tools, as well as to purchase books and aids from the many vendors present. One of the best aspects of the day, though, is the chance to network with the other genealogists who are there looking for more information on their ancestors.
Please check out our calendar for upcoming events!


BGOGS Branch Membership Benefits

BGOGS now has approximately 600 members and exchanges newsletters with 80 other genealogical Societies and groups. Although there are many local members, most of our membership comes from all across Canada and the USA. As well we have members from England, Japan and Switzerland.  

Bruce & Grey Branch OGS members enjoy many benefits. Although the monthly meetings are an interesting and useful way to network with others attending, out-of-area members also have a chance to communicate through the Branch Newsletter sent quarterly to each member. Queries are encouraged and, if you require specific help within Bruce or Grey, our research people can do research for you. Just go to our Queries and Research Request page for information.